I’m not ready.


It’s February. The month when yoga teacher training begins.

I was excited when I registered, back in December, and I told myself that I had eight weeks to get ready. I’ve been hitting 3 to 4 classes each week, feeling a little bit stronger each class. But I still don’t feel ready. My chaturanga is weak. My crow is nonexistent. I don’t invert. (Except for down dog, but in my mind that doesn’t count as an inversion.) My head’s sending me unhelpful messages: “You’re going to look stupid.” “This is a bad idea.” “What if you can’t do it?”

Those, of course, are all very non-yoga thoughts. Rationally, I know that yoga’s not a competitive sport. You can’t do it wrong. It’s a very personal experience. I know two of the three training coaches. They say I’m ready. They say it will be good for me. They describe the training as “life changing.” I suppose I’d better trust them, because I would think being a yoga instructor who lies to students would bring some seriously messed up karma.

Last week one of my instructors, Amelia, said, “Yoga is for every body.” That’s a nice thought. What I hope also proves true is that every body (MINE) is for yoga…in the way it’s gonna get pushed starting 2/19.

Today’s intention: Positive change with less self judgment.



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