Do you.

It’s Sunday, which means my friend, Mike, and I went to noon C2 and then downstairs for sandwiches and gabbing at Bread and Chocolate. We spent the first ten minutes of our lunch talking about how intense today’s practice was – even more so than usual. And how challenging it is to practice that hard and how it feels so very excellent after.

Yes. I do feel so good now.  After. Today’s during, however, was an hour-long exercise in me telling my brain to shut up so I could hear what my body was saying to me:

Brain: “It’s too hot. Why’s it so hot in here? You’re going to die.”

Body: “If you take a few deep breaths, we’ll be fine. Just gimme some air.”

Brain: “Why are you so wobbly? You did this posture yesterday! What’s wrong with you?”

Body: “Please put your back knee down. Please. Just do it. No? OK, then, I’m gonna teach you a lesson. And…we’re…falling…”

Brain: “You’re missing Pegah’s cues. Keep up!”

Body: “More air, please. Seriously. Just freaking breathe.”

And then Pegah, who will be one of my training coaches, said: “Friends, DO YOU. No competition. No comparison. Listen to your body. And DO YOU today.”

Pegah’s a good girl. I listen to what she tells me. So, for the rest of today’s practice, I did me. A couple of times I stopped for a drink of water. Once I sat down, closed my eyes, and breathed my heart rate down. I didn’t look to see what Mike was doing, I didn’t judge myself against what I thought I should be doing. I just simply did me. And it felt good.

DO YOU isn’t about yoga postures. It’s about doing what my friend, Alicia, calls “showing up” – bringing your whole self to any situation. It’s about accepting your joys, your sadnesses, your successes, your shortcomings.

I’m noticing how this little yoga practice of mine keeps tossing lessons my way. None of them are limited to my time in the studio. They’re about me and how I live in the world I’ve been given. The postures are just the vehicle. (Sneaky, right?)

Today’s intention:  This week, I’ll do me. Authentically. Honestly. Gratefully.

I encourage you to DO YOU this week. It’s quite freeing, really. (Yoga mat optional.)



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