Did you Breathe today?

Of course you breathed. Or you wouldn’t be reading this, silly.

But, did you Breathe?

I didn’t go to the studio today, opting instead to attempt the notion of carrying my yoga into life off my mat. An important part of that is for me to learn to Breathe. Jen, another of my training coaches, talks about how yoga is about the Breath. Focusing on Our Breath, the rhythmic in and out, brings us inward and (hopefully) away from all the chatter in our heads. If you’re like me, you have a lot of chatter. (See my post “Do you” for examples of the running dialogue between my brain and my body.) Our Breath gives our body the oxygen it needs (inhaaaaale) and releases stress (exhaaaaale.) Such a simple concept.

Why then, is it so hard for me to remember to Breathe? When I’m on my mat and I start feeling distracted or unsure, I return to my Breath. And it puts me back on track. Today, when I felt distracted and unsure, guess what I did? I got overwhelmed and I felt the stress making its way into my body.

And then I hard Jen’s voice “inhaaaaale….exhaaaaale.” And so I did, about five times, very slowly. And My Breath did what it always does. It calmed me down and refocused me in a way that got all the crazy talk out of my head. My Breath gently reminded me that my yoga will happily follow me off my mat and into my day.

Today’s intention:  My Breath is always available to me. I can embrace it when I’m away from my mat as a way to ground myself and quiet the unnecessary chatter in my head.



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