It works.

This past week, my mat and I went on a business trip. I thought I might need it after long flights and intense meetings with clients. Turns out I was right. It also turns out, you get a bit of attention when walking through an airport with a yoga bag strapped across your back. I heard “You have your yoga mat with you? Cool.” “I keep thinking I should try yoga.” and “Good for you for taking your mat with you.” But, my favorite interaction came while I was in the security line at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

TSA agent: What’s in the bag?
Me: My yoga mat.
Does it work?
…Excuse me?
Yoga. Does it relax you n’ shit?
Yes. Yes it does.
I gotta get me some of that shit.
I recommend it.
You have a nice, relaxed flight, ma’am.

I walked away smiling. Maybe dude will try yoga. Maybe not. Either way, my little mat once again worked its magic on me. The conversation reminded me of why I go to my mat.

When I finally got to my hotel room later that day, I looked at my mat then I looked at my bed. Then I looked at my mat then I looked at my bed. And the conversation from earlier in the day came back to me. And so I chose my mat. Of course, I was glad I did.

Today’s intention: On days I don’t think I want to practice, I’ll get on my mat anyway. Because it works.



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