Feet. Ewww.

I’m about to get very real with you. Please don’t judge me.

I have a thing about feet. I really don’t like them much and I especially don’t like it when they’re skanky. Which is why I was so distracted in yesterday’s C2. It was crowded. And the guy next to me had skanky feet.

There. I said it.

Maybe you are the person that can look away from a train wreck. I’m not that person – at least not without a lot of effort. I did eventually muster the presence of mind yesterday to know I wasn’t doing a very good job of letting go of judgment or expectation. But, c’mon! They were right there, maybe 12 inches (a foot, get it?) from my face.

Then, Amelia brought us back to our breath and I was able to close my eyes and look inward. And I stayed there for quite a long time, really, and it felt good.  During that time, I was able to acknowledge to myself that the problem wasn’t the feet next to me. The problem was I was looking for reasons to not engage in my practice.

It’s easy to float off my mat, whether because of the chatter in my brain, my desire to focus on how my form looks or, yes, my fellow yogi’s need for a pedicure. In any case, if my body’s on my mat and my mind’s somewhere else, that sure does defeat the purpose of yoga. We practice unifying our breath with our movement. We practice listening to our breath as a way of escaping chaos. We practice letting go of judgment.

Today’s intention: I will unify my breath and my movement to build harmony between the two and create harmony in my mind.



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