Five days. Assignment #1.

It’s five days before training and we received our first assignment:

“Please write and bring with you for our first night together a ONE page typed double spaced essay titled, “What is Yoga?” A Webster’s definition does not suffice; we want to know what yoga means to you in your own words, please give it some thought and share it with us.”

OK, here goes:

Yoga is a choice I make…

…to be brave, to trust the unknown, to take what comes as it comes on life’s terms, not my own.

…to breathe through adversity, learning from and possibly even enjoying the journey along the way.

…to take the fragmented pieces of my daily life and unify them in my mind, body and spirit so I can live as a whole and complete being.

…to let go of judgment and expectation and accept myself and my unique life situation as the beautiful gifts they are meant to be.

…to set my ego aside and listen to the truth I carry deep inside but am often too distracted to hear.

…to allow myself to tap into the universal heartbeat that connects us all.

…to practice humility.

…to let go of my fear of failure.

…to tap into my greatest potential.

(True confession: I’m publishing it here because I’m nervous they’re going to ask me to read it out loud on our first night and I want to have already shared it with someone.)



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