Lotsa listening.

That’s what I practiced on my first night of teacher training. Let me begin by saying that I’m a pretty good listener in a one-on-one situation but, in a group setting, I’m impatient. I get bored. I yawn. I fidget. I’d rather look through a manual on my own than have someone else walk me through it. I know these things about myself.

So, last night, I listened as 24 of us introduced ourselves, as the instructors walked us through what’s going to happen in the next eight weeks, and I listened to my stomach growling.

And it was wonderful.

We’re a diverse group including, to name just a few, a high school math teacher, a self-proclaimed science nerd, an artist, a massage therapist and a hula hoop dancer. (Right? Who does that?!) Conversation came naturally, as did laughter. Because, no matter what our personal stories, we’re there on common ground. To deepen our yoga practice. And that’s just cool.

At one point during the night, I looked at Pegah, Kim and Jen and thought about the prep time it must have taken to get ready for this first session. And how patiently and they were talking us through gobs and gobs of information. And how their enthusiasm for our training is so very authentic. Again, cool.

Yes, I’m eager to get to the good stuff. The learn about the practice and start moving our bodies stuff. And I’m reminded that last night, in its truest form, was the good stuff. It was yoga. The word “yoga” means “unite.” And that’s what last night was all about. Coming together as a community, looking each other in the eye to say “We’re in this together.”

Thank you, Pegah, Kim and Jen. Today, my head is full of information and my heart is full of gratitude.



2 thoughts on “Lotsa listening.

  1. Good post about your experience. I’m a teacher by profession and experience has taught me that preparation is key. I’m also taking yoga teacher training. My session is 15 weekends and tomorrow is my second session. I’m looking forward to reading more about your experience.

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