1 of 45.

In addition to our class sessions and seminars, our training requires we practice 45 times during our eight week section. The breakdown: 18 C1s (observe two, participate in the other 16), 24 other classes at CorePower, and three sessions at other studios. Along with refining our practice, these sessions give us a chance to experience different teaching techniques and start developing our own style. I’m excited but, truth be told, I’m freaked out about getting all of these done.

I started my countdown today with a C1. My first practice since coming down with this virus/cold/cooties thing about 12 days ago. I went in feeling weak and, as the hour went on, I felt even weaker.

Pegah talked to us about practicing non-attachment – Vairagya. When I got on my mat, I knew I’d need to take it slow and easy and, yes, I’d probably need to even modify the modifications.  But, hearing Pegah talk about it gave me the additional reminder – and permission – I needed to really let my mind surrender to my body’s needs and give myself the kind of practice that was right for me today. It allowed me to move freely without judgment – even when that movement included falling out of Crow  pose with a very loud splat. An instructor once told me “the learning is in the fall.” I learned hard today.

Today’s practice got me thinking about trust and validation. We all have an inner voice – a source of truth and wisdom. But, so many times, we don’t fully listen to it. We wait for someone we trust to validate what we already know. What’s up with that? As much as I love and appreciate the people in my life who encourage me, looking deep inside myself can bring me all the guidance I need.

Today’s intention: I’ll listen to my inner voice, trusting that it comes from a place of wisdom and honesty.



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