2 of 45.

This afternoon’s C2 was #2 out of the required 45 classes.  I remain more than a little perplexed at how all of these classes are going to fit neatly into the rhythm of my life. Many of the classes will be a tight squeeze into the flow of the more-established parts of my life. It’s gonna get messy.

So, yesterday, I found myself doing what I do in a potentially messy situation. I try to make order of it. I made a spreadsheet of all the required classes and printed it out. After each class, I’ll highlight it on my spreadsheet, as a visual of progress to date. Giving myself the illusion of control. Hey. Whatever works, right?

I’ve had this “holy crap, how am I going to get it all done” feeling before. In college when I had a job and final exams. As a single mom with a full-time job. As a consultant with too many client deadlines in the same week. This was all pre-yoga and my coping skills were limited. I responded to the challenges by pushing through without much self-care. The result? Headaches. Stomach pain. Vomiting. No good.

It’s time for a different approach – time to focus on the positives. Like the fact that I have a unique opportunity to go through this training. And the fact that I couldn’t ask for a more supportive group of friends and family to support me through the next eight weeks. And that yoga has taught me the power of a good, deep breath.

Today’s intention: I bow with gratitude to my life that’s filled with “everything I need and a hell of a lot more than I deserve.” (Quoting my dear friend, Ken.)



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