Create a strong base.

Today’s training session was about verbal cues. We worked through quite a few postures, discussing how to most concisely guide the student into each posture and offer refinements. Keeping it about them and their practice – what they need to hear so they can be safe and successful.

For each posture, we align the body part that’s closest to the earth, and then work our way up the physical plane. For example, when moving into Samasthiti (Equal Standing Pose), we guide the student to ground the four corners of their feet into the mat, bring their palms together at heart center and then lengthen up through the top of their head.

What a beautiful example for life off the mat.

Right? I mean, think about it. How many times do we start with our heads – with what we think – instead of with the foundation of what we know to be true? For me, it’s more often than I’d like. My head tells me over-analyzed-over-intellectualized-over-complicated stuff. It sprinkles in things like “But, what will everyone think?” and “You know you can’t do that.” It leans toward the frenetic. My foundation, on the other hand, is much more grounded. It speaks to me from a place of honesty. When I start there and work my way up my physical plane, everything falls into alignment. I stand taller. My heart beats more authentically. My head is clear.

When your foundation is strong, the rest of you knows which way to turn.

And that’s a pretty great way to live.

Today’s intention: I’ll live today the way I’m learning to teach my students: building a strong foundation of truth to guide my movements and thoughts.



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