3 of 45.

I’m pleased to say my practice-tracking spreadsheet now has three lines highlighted in yellow. Things are moving right along. Slow and steady, just as it should be. When I’m tackling a big goal, slow motion feels better than no motion.

And having a supportive community makes all the difference.

That’s what I’m loving most about the training so far. Our group. We’ve all chosen to do this thing, despite the fact that it’s something we need to squeeze into the rest of our lives. We’re doing it. Together.

Walking into the silent studio of today’s C2, I exchanged knowing glances and smiles with two of my co-trainees. The kind of glance that says, “Yep. I’m sore, too. Good for us for coming to our mats!”

And that feeling of support, of community, stayed with me through what turned out to be an extremely challenging class. I’ve practiced a lot since we started our training last Wednesday. And I’ve been more intentional and deeper in some of my poses, as I begin to bring my new knowledge into my practice. I’m feeling it in my body (sore) and my soul (happy.)

I went in with the unhelpful intention of “doing” the whole class. I had it in my mind that practicing 45 times means a full 60-minute practice. I know, those are unhealthy thoughts. My body needs whatever it needs each day and it’s not my job to argue with it. So, I didn’t. I wanted to, but I didn’t.

I sat down for one full flow. It gave me the chance to observe some of the things we’re learning in training – how cues are given, how adjustments and assists are done. Watching – and breathing – for a few minutes was a way for me to practice while still honoring my body’s needs. It felt good. And, you know what? Nobody judged me. Because they were in their own practice – not focused on me and my warped ego.

Today’s intention: I will do what I can, when I can, and I will remain open to whatever lesson comes with that.



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