It’s magic.

There’s magic happening 867 Grand Avenue.

It hit me yesterday. Many OMies shared soulful thoughts with our group of follow students who, a short 10 days ago, were complete strangers.

What’ up with that?

I noticed it from our first night together. Conversation and laughter came easily. I guess we all know we’re there for the same reason – to deepen our yoga practice and, for some, to learn to teach. And, I’m here to tell you, this stuff is HARD. Setting up the postures using concise and understandable language. Practicing 45 times in 8 weeks. Learning the Sanskrit names to postures. Understanding what’s happening inside the body during a practice – like the fact that we go right before we go left to work with the natural flow of the colon. I described all of this to my friend, Jason, yesterday and he said something like, “Oh. I thought you were just showing people how to stand.”

Training is a lot. And, one week in, we’re already getting a little bit raw. The fact that my OMies and I can admit that and support each other through it – well, that’s magic.

My OMies are stinkin’ cool. So cool that an OMie shared yesterday that our journaling is bringing out deep feelings and he wanted us to know he will, at some point, cry in class. Another OMie shared how scary it is to speak in front of a group and how even scarier it could be to teach.

Training makes me vulnerable.  I’m in a room of 20-some people, moving into positions that can make me look very silly and open my emotions to a deep and sometimes scary place. But, somehow it’s safe. Because, collectively, through unified breath and a practice of non-judgment and non-attachment, we establish a room filled with trust and support. And that’s just stinkin’ cool.

So, if any of my OMies are reading this, I thank you for your magic. And to my non-OMies who are reading this, I hope that today, you’ll go to your mat and experience your own kind of magic. It’s a beautiful gift to give yourself.


*Credit to songwriter, John Sebastian.


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