It was Popcorn Day at teacher training. (How fitting for Oscar Sunday!)

Popcorn was new to me – it’s a teaching style that gives each student ownership over their own learning but also encourages group thinking and collaboration. We sat in a large semi-circle and, starting with one posture, talked our way through a sequence of postures the way we’re learning to teach them. It sounded like this:

Exhale: Extended Child’s Pose

Inhale: Table Top

Exhale: Downward Facing Dog

Of course, we’re still learning, so there was the occasional: AAACK! I don’t know what comes next! And then Pegah and Kim would give gentle guidance and we’d move on.

I loved this approach. It helped solidify our learning in my brain, but it also helped us practice what I think is going to be a valuable part of teaching: The art of listening.

We had to truly LISTEN to what our OMies were saying so we would know what would come next. Each of us needed the ones before and after to complete the cycle.

Popcorn can be intimidating. You really have to trust yourself and be willing to fumble. When we started, some OMies tried following along in our training manual but lost their place on the page. Some OMies wanted to give the answer to those who were struggle. But, when we cut through those distractions and tuned into the rhythm, the energy moved freely and we popcorned like champs.

Popcorning is a good lesson for life outside the studio. We can each live as an individual. Or – we can choose to listen to the cues around us and join in the greater flow. I like that idea.

Today’s intention: I will practice listening so I can take my place in the rhythm of being alive, learning from the helpful life cues I’m given every day, but sometimes choose to ignore.



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