Feeling like a beginner.

With 14 days to go, I have 15 practices left from the required 45. Teacher Kim, recognizing the sore and exhausted state of my body, recommended I try a Hot Power Fusion class. It’s a combination of Vinyasa and Hot yoga poses, in a hot (102 degrees F, I think.) She told me the heat is restorative and urged me to try, despite my apprehension for hot classes. I’ve taken one Bikram class – about a year ago – and had a negative experience with a judgmental teacher. My body didn’t like the heat, I didn’t know the postures and the environment wasn’t nurturing. The entire thing was ick.

But, I trust Kim and I can use some variety in my practices. I convinced myself to put my previous experience aside and give Hot Power Fusion a try.

Holy Humbling.

I spent much of the class fumbling through poses I’ve never seen or done. I’ve been aware of how stiff my hips and knees are but yesterday gave me a whole different perspective on that. I laughed when a curl and crouch down posture was part of the warm up. There I was, the one in the back row, whose butt was sticking straight up in the air instead of close to the floor where it ideally would have been. And, this whole thing about straightening your leg in front of you, holding your foot, and putting your forehead on your knee? That’s crazy talk.

This Sunday is teacher training Bring A Beginner Day. Each of us has invited someone new to yoga and each of us will take a turn leading the group through a portion of the class. That’s an entire studio filled with beginners and brand new teachers guiding them through a 60-minute class. HPF reminded me of what it’s like to be new. I’d like that feeling to guide my teaching on Sunday when I’m teaching 10 people who trust us enough to give yoga a try.

Thanks, Kim, for the HPF encouragement. It was good for me to once again stretch my comfort zone. It was good for me to trip all over myself. One of my first teachers told me “The learning is in the fall.” I’m pleased to report that I earned an A+ yesterday.




2 thoughts on “Feeling like a beginner.

  1. I like your honest words and spirit of your blog. My yoga teacher, Bibi, says we should approach each practice as a beginner without ego about achieving a pose. No movement goes to waste. #Nama

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