The Mat Is Magic.

The Mat is magic.

The Mat is magic.
Climb aboard with me.

Come on. Don’t be afraid.
This time is ours.
There’s no judgment.
There’s nothing to prove.

What? Impossible, you say?

Take my hand.
Explore. Feel. Trust.

The Mat is magic.

We take our places and begin to breathe.
Inhale. Exhale.
The Mat flutters.
Inhale. Exhale.
The Mat rises. Slowly at first and then with heroic rhythm.

We’re warriors, soaring to the land of eight-limbed trees.
Where children hug their rag dolls and stand with intention and love.

The Mat lifts us halfway up the mountain, and then gently folds us down again.
We flow from high to low and then up and down into sacred stillness.

The Mat is magic.

We’ve entered a jungle.
We sit in our chairs, upright at first and then we turn to pray.
Beauty unfurls.
Stealth cobras raise their heads to watch majestic eagles and crows circling overhead.
Gorillas swing from the trees.
Pigeons rest peacefully on the backs of camels.
We are curious. We observe. We learn.

We notice the dancers, their bodies rooted down and reaching up.
Creating the eternal trinity of body, mind and spirit.

The Mat is magic.

This leg of our journey is almost over. The Mat begins its peaceful descent.
And so we relax. Like blissful babies, gently rocking from side to side.
Knowing we can come back here at any time.
Each journey will be sacred and new.

We allow ourselves to lie in stillness until we are ready to begin the next leg of our journey.

Without the Mat.

Taking the magic with us.

© 2014 Elen Bahr


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