30 Classes in 40 Days.

Last week, my studio announced a 30 in 40 challenge. Practice 30 times in 40 days and be entered in a drawing for nifty prizes. Some (yes, including me) might say this is a smart business move for the studio to keep participation high as the weather gets nicer and folks want to be outside, not in a hot and humid studio. That got me to thinking. Does the challenge make yoga too commercial? Should I need this type of motivation in order to keep coming to my Mat?

As I fumbled in my own thoughts, my dear friend and teacher, Sarah, brought it home for me. “We are fortunate,” she said, “to be part of this yoga community. We practice together. We breathe together. We lift one another up.”

Yes. We. Do.

That’s why my in-studio practice is important to me. I’ve never experienced anything quite like the feeling of flowing through asanas and unifying breath with a group. The energy we create, the feeling of support and the absence of judgment. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

I’m doing 30 in 40. Not for the prizes (although I do love prizes), but for the shared experience. Sarah and a few of my OMies have signed up, too. Boom. Instant support system. Now, some of you have followed this blog for a while and probably remember the pain and exhaustion I expressed during teacher training. So, here I am again, right? Asking my body to work hard and promising to take good care of it.

Why am I doing this?

Because yoga is good for me. Because, in learning to move in sync with fellow yogis, I can continue to learn how to move in sync with the world off my Mat. Of course, the latter is more difficult. How can I possibly stay in sync with the person who cuts you off in traffic? Or the person in the grocery line who keeps hitting me in the butt with her cart? Or, how about the noisy neighbors who love loud music after 10 p.m.?

The answer of course, is that I can go to my Yoga. Which is to say, Breathe and go with the flow. And remind myself that all of this magic can happen on or off my Mat.

Today’s intention: I’ll use 30 in 40 as a catalyst to practice yoga off my Mat.



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