Ready to commit?

Nope. I don’t mean commit to a relationship. I’m talking about our yoga practice. I saw a beautiful example of commitment last week at a 6 a.m. class. One yogi joined us about 20 minutes into class and said that he’d gone to our usual location. I can see why he was confused. We’ve been bouncing around between locations due to the Twin Cities 2014 FloodPalooza and festivals taking place in our usual spot.

I’ve been thinking about his decision to join us at the second park. I doubt I would have done the same. I mean, seriously, at 6 a.m.? I’d have gone home to have a second cup of coffee. But there he was. After a few moments of gentle warm up on his own, he joined the flow of class and we all had a beautiful practice together.

So, what’s the lesson here? For me, it poked at my tendency to want to quit. I’ve been in his position – running late for a practice at my studio and blowing it off completely. “I’ll only have five minutes to get into the studio after I check in. I don’t want to rush.” “There’s no sense leaving now. What if there’s nowhere to park?” “Well, there’s the load of laundry downstairs. I guess the Universe is telling me to get to that.”

You know when else I want to quit? In a challenging pose. Like Triangle, Camel, or Revolved Crescent Lunge (especially when I’m too proud to lower to my back knee). It’s so very easy to let my mind’s chatter take over with “How long do I have to stay here?” The answer, of course, is that I don’t have to stay there at all. I can take Child’s Pose anytime I want it. I can also choose to stay with my discomfort and observe my reaction. There’s a lesson in either decision.

We always have a choice. Every minute of our lives. We can choose to commit to our practice, to a specific pose, or – and here’s the toughest one for me – commit to living in the moment. Connecting with our breath in a practice of mindfulness is magic. It allows us to acknowledge what’s happening at the moment while realizing that, no matter what, it’s temporary. It helps us enjoy the good and move on from the challenging. It  helps us go to our mats when we have every excuse not to.

Today’s intention: May each of us connect with our breath to practice mindfulness. Acknowledging each moment for what it is and knowing that each is sacred and temporary.



2 thoughts on “Ready to commit?

  1. Love this. Sometimes I just have to remember to take those extra two breaths past my point of comfortable, because I am one to throw in the towel when I see that glimmer of uncomfortable ahead of me. 🙂

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