Resolve to be #BodyPositive

Last year, I gave up on making New Year’s resolutions. I found myself resolving to do things that were, for the most part, harsh and unattainable. “I’m going to work out every day.” “I’m giving up sugar.” “I’m losing XX pounds by Valentine’s Day.” For me, it was never about health and wellness. Instead, each of my resolutions were about needing to change my appearance. Epic fail.

HNY2This year, join me in a resolution to live a more #BodyPositive life. Let’s approach our resolutions as practice, not success or failure. Try these and add some of your own:

1. When I look in the mirror, before I say something critical, I’ll work toward replacing it with something positive. (If you can’t quite yet get to the positive, acknowledge that and give yourself a smile. This might be difficult at first. Keep trying.)

2. When I see media attention on celebrity weight/wrinkles/etc., I will work toward looking the other way. (I know. It’s easy to get sucked in. But, when we look at the photos and read the articles, we can’t help but compare ourselves to what’s happening with the celebrity. That’s not good for anyone.)

3. When shopping for clothes, if I find something that doesn’t fit, I will work toward telling myself “My body is not wrong. This is not the right piece of clothing for me.” (Believe it or not, a fashion celebrity said that. It stuck with me and I do agree with it. It can be tough to find clothes to fit the way we want them to. Try not to take it personally.)

4. When I eat, I will work toward letting go of shame when I eat something I feel I shouldn’t have because I’m so very focused on my weight. (I absolutely love Go Kaleo on Facebook. She says things like this: “It’s really ok to stop chasing a number on the scale. It’s ok to say, “Self, this relentless pursuit of ‘smaller’ is not making you happy or healthy.”)

5. When I don’t follow these resolutions exactly, I’m going to work toward reminding myself that I’m human. I’ll work toward not judging myself. I’ll work toward cutting myself some slack. I’ll work toward being my own best friend.

Healthy New Year, everyone. You are absolutely wonderful.


3 thoughts on “Resolve to be #BodyPositive

  1. Fabulous post! I agree totally, we deserve our own respect & I’ve found that once we truly love ourselves for who we really are, we strive to be healthy & take care of ourselves.

  2. While these posts are affirming wholesome in promoting self love, which is very important, they somewhat erroneously promote the idea that it’s okay and even healthy to be overweight. Being overweight poses a lot of health risks and overeating masks a lot of issues that need to be addressed. Being “large” is not something to celebrate and it’s harmful to teach otherwise.

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