Product review: Manifesta

These are my personal opinions and I’m not getting any money from Manifesta. (They did send me free clothes.)

So as not to bury the lead, let me start with…Manifesta: YES. This new curvy-line of yoga clothes is exactly what’s needed in the yoga industry. Great fit, high-quality fabric, ethical company.


Manifesta Clothing
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The Manifesta sizes run from 0 – 28, acknowledging that smaller size folks can be curvy, too! Each style comes in three color choices – Dazzling Blue, Emerald, and Orchid. The size ranges are creatively named after flowers; the two closest to my body size are Violet (14-16) or Iris (18-20). I usually fall somewhere in the middle. I wasn’t sure what to order, so left it to the company’s discretion.

Manifesta sent me Dazzling Blue, size Iris Just Prance pants. They fit beautifully. Form-fitting without making me feel like a sausage. Mid-rise, without needing constant hiking up. Just the right length. High-quality/substantial fabric that breathes, instead of causing dampness where dampness doesn’t belong. I love the wide elastic in the waistband. It’s comfortable and doesn’t cut into my curves.

One problem I have with most yoga pants is that they stretch over time and the fabric pills because, yes, my thighs rub together. I intend to wear the heck out of my new Manifesta pants and will post a follow-up review in a couple of months.

Manifesta Clothing
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My new All The Right Moves top is also Dazzling Blue, size Iris. Again, the fabric is great. Soft, substantial, breathable. The scoop neckline is high enough that I can invert without sharing all of my business with the world. A side drawstring allows for adjusting to your length and level of curve. Since my curves tend to be more from the hips down, the top had lots of extra room in it for me. It seems like it would be great for folks with a curvier upper body. The one thing that doesn’t work for me about this top is the length. I would have liked another inch or two for my 5’8” frame. The top stays put – no creeping up. If you don’t have my same hang-ups around shirt length, it might be just right for you.


Yoga clothes ain’t cheap, and Manifesta is no exception. Pants range from $67 – $89, tops from $59 – $82. I talked with the company CEO, Rachel Blumenfeld, about this concern. The clothes are produced in America, paying workers a fair wage. Seamstresses work normal hours, have weekends and holidays off, health benefits and safe working conditions. Fabrics are high quality – thick and supportive, cool and wicking and never see through. Understandably, all of those things bring the price up.

The company is committed to providing discount codes on a regular basis. In fact, just for reading this review, you can save 20%. Discount code: curvyyoga.

Try Manifesta! Order online at and follow MyManifesta on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.


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