From Where I Stretch

YoginiThank you to our guest writer, Pat Nelson, for sharing thoughts about her yoga journey.

I’m a late bloomer. I learned to drive when I was in my 40’s. And no, I am NOT telling you how old I am. But I will put it this way – I am young enough to keep learning.

My yoga journey started over 14 years ago when I was working with a colleague at a school. She was into yoga and recommended it/encouraged me to take it up. I liked the idea, but – I had never seen anyone who looked like me either in size or skin tone even DO yoga. My colleague knew that and introduced me to the work of Krishna Kaur, who had designed classes for teaching yoga to youth in LA.

She was and is still awesomeness, but…

Fast forward to 2013. Facebook is a wonderful tool for finding out about stuff. I started reading about yoginis who not only looked like me, but who were actually TEACHING and living it every day. I met Dr. Felicia Washington Sy, my first teacher. She was a great and patient teacher that flipped the script of my thinking. I also started reading about Dianne Bondy. She lives in Canada and is such a catalyst for change. I swore that I would meet her one day. That day came in February of this year at the Yoga & Body Image Coalition workshops in Minneapolis   Through that workshop, I met Elen Bahr from Yoga For Every Body (whose space I am writing in this week – thank you), and several other fantabulous men and women who solidified and validated my thoughts.

What yoga does for me? – it reminds me that I have the power to do what is right for me. To deal with both negativity and positivity. Which is so needed in the worlds that I move through as an African-American partnered lesbian Buddhist techie yogini (in no particular order). And that there are always goals to reach for even (and especially if) they seem impossible. A long time ago, I thought that I could never learn to drive. One of my newer goals is to gain my RYT-200 yoga teacher certification. Why? From Audre Lorde – “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

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