Small movements. Big results.

We live in a “go big or go home” society. Get a big income, big house, big car. Faster. More. Then more again. Our brains become hard-wired, in a way, and these big thinking attitudes can even transfer to our physical yoga practice. Practices like Vinyasa, which I love, are wonderful for building strength. Where big practices fall short is in working with the smaller muscles that support their large counterparts.

Without our help, the little muscles become stiff and go into hiding. It becomes all they know. And our brains, which guide the muscles, forget how to move them. It’s a sad breakdown in communication.

Relief is in sight.

Until we bring more movement to the little muscles, the bigger muscles can’t work to their fullest potential. SomaYoga practices – a series of slow, subtle movements – reeducate our brains and muscles on how to work together. The result is more freedom of movement which can increase our overall strength as our smaller muscles are better able to support the large ones.

Other important SomaYoga benefits:

  • Decreased stress and increased calm. The mind learns to slow down and carries that skill into all areas of our lives.
  • Improved posture. When we stand taller and our spine is in its best alignment, we can say goodbye to aches and pains, walk better, and enjoy better physical balance.
  • Healthier internal systems. As our muscles release tension, our posture improves and we’re putting less constraint on our insides. The lungs have more room to breathe, the stomach has more room to digest, the lymph system has greater ability to communicate with our immune system.

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I wish you health & happiness, friends, and am here to support you however I can. Namaste.