Taking the seat of the beginner.

It’s been a while now, my teaching yoga, and I’m realizing how easy it is to fall into a routine – even a rut – of how I guide my classes. True confession: It would be easy to follow a script and not notice what’s happening in the room. And while I love a good online class, the studio experience is different. The studio is where we can make connections as we practice in community. One of the best ways I know to foster that experience is to firmly plant my backside in the seat of the beginner. Remembering what it’s like to be new helps me be more mindful of my word choices, the pace at which I teach and the vibe of the room. Taking the seat of the beginner helps me stay present and feel more connected.

If you’ve practiced with me, you’ve heard me talk about yoga as more than the hour we spend together in the studio. Sure, we come to the mat for relaxation, mindfulness, physical exercise. If we’re open to it, we also learn lessons on the mat that follow us into the whole of our lives. Those lessons invite us to take the seat of the beginner and see things in fresh new ways.

Kids live in the seat of the beginner. They are filled with wonder at the smallest of things. What would happen if we each introduced ourself to our inner child looked at the world through that person’s eyes? In the spirit of Spring freshness, invite you to join me in this practice for the next day (or longer):

  • Eating: Slow down and taste the food. Notice the different flavors in one single bite.
  • Walking: Replace purpose with curiosity. Notice the newly sprouted trees and grass.
  • Talking: Look someone in the eyes during a conversation and hear their words in a different way.

Explore, yogis. Have fun with this. Notice what happens. Is it hard to slow down? What happens when you do? Any surprises?

Happy Spring, happy new beginnings!





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