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I help people feel better in their bodies.
You could be one of those people.

After years of feeling curious but too intimidated to try a yoga class, I stepped onto a yoga mat at age 44. Within an hour, I experienced an unfamiliar sense of calm and deep connection within myself. I was hooked. Over the next few years, my practice and I evolved and I felt called to go through yoga teacher training. I’m sure glad I did and now I have the privilege of sharing what I’ve learned.

Yoga has taught me how to live with more ease in difficult times. My practice has been my guide through illness, divorce and job loss. It’s helped me learn to teach from a place of experience, especially when working with individuals who have felt barriers in stepping into yoga studios. I also facilitate workshops for women going through major life transitions so they, too, can develop a yoga practice to gently carry them into the next phase of their lives.

A large part of my practice is working with individuals recovering from injury or living with chronic pain, stress, anxiety or depression. I am a SomaYoga therapist-in-training at the International Soma Yoga Institute in Duluth and a community partner of the Yoga & Body Image Coalition, a dedicated group of folks working to make yoga a more welcoming community for all.