Group Classes

17309159_10212547800989687_4685532581515108547_n“Practicing yoga under Elen’s guidance is an empowering and encouraging experience. Elen demonstrates many possible ways to attain the same benefit of the pose and tailors her teaching to the audience in the room. She is attentive and kind, and I’m so glad to have found such an inspiring yogi and friend.”

There’s a true beauty in practicing within a community of like-minded people. I currently serve groups of yogis in three St. Paul locations: Bliss Yoga StudioTula Yoga & Wellness and Unity Church – Unitarian. I know it can be difficult to get to the studio. See some of the creative ways our students have found to bring yoga to where they are!

Individual practice is also powerful and can be an important way to get to know ourselves better and explore our individuality. I offer private sessions in a number of locations throughout the Twin Cities.