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Need more energy and less stress at work? I can help! I’m partnering with my friends at Tula Yoga & Wellness to bring yoga to you. 

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“Yoga with Elen is a breath of fresh air.”

Special event? We can bring yoga to you. We’re available for pop up yoga classes or yoga parties at your location. Email to plan a date, time and location.

Birthday Party11150538_1602105763364155_5790275923463202224_n
An eight year-old yogi asked for a yoga birthday party! The kids learned poses with animal names and then used them during a game of musical mats (our version of musical chairs!). We talked about the importance of accepting others, taking deep breaths to nourish our bodies, and how each one of is strong and mighty.



Bridal Shower
This group came together to honor the bride-to-be and cultivate loving energy for the start of her new life. We used a Prince playlist (the bride’s favorite!) to flow through a series of movements with options for everyone in the room. Participant levels of yoga experience varied from those who practice regularly to those who came to this as their first class.


11825136_1644495495791848_8226394121971286482_nMother/Daughter Time
Moms and daughters bonded and laughed as they explored yoga poses to do individually and as pairs. The group went away with ideas for how to create a home practice that could fit into their busy schedules.