Yoga For Stress & Anxiety

Stress. It’s something we all experience at some level. Unfortunately, for many of us, it can overshadow much of our lives and manifest in disruptive sleep, anxiety, feelings of sadness or depression, and physical pain.

This class series will give you tools to find relief.

Each class in this six week series will include lecture, candid discussion, physical yoga practice, breathing techniques, and home integration work. We will explore:

  • The physiology of stress and how to develop new physical habits to lessen the symptoms
  • Yogic principles for overcoming the diseases of stress
  • Tools to support finding a calm center in the midst of stress, anxiety, depression

“Yoga practices address the root cause of depression: the energy drain caused by the overreactions of our mind to the stresses of our world and the pressures of our fears and desires. By activating our innate mental, psychical and spiritual healing capabilities, Yoga practices strengthens our feeling of joy, peace, and connectedness.”
Richard M Brown, MD – associate professor at Columbia University

This class is taught by Elen Bahr, who has first hand experience with the diseases of stress and how to use yoga to find relief.

Six weeks: $75.00
Student/Senior/Military: $63.75

Register online.